Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Thursday, February 19, 2004Hello. My next topic is going to be about the destruction of rainforests. I am against cutting and burning them down. I chose this topic because I know a little about it but I would really enjoy learning more. I also wanted to do it because I want to construe the idea to my classmates that the world and its resources are not here solely for humans, they are for the animals too. After all we could not live without them.
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Chapter one discussed what we talked about last week in class. It taught that there are arguments to inform, to convince, to explore, to make decisions, and to meditate or pray. It also discussed occasions for argument . They include the past, the present, and the future. It discussed the kinds of argument. There are arguments of fact, evaluation, definition, and there are proposal arguments. Finaly the part I found most interesting it considered cultural contexts for argument. Before reading this I had not considerd how one may have to change their argument due to location of the audience.
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There are many websites about free information. One such website www.aaronsw.com, suggests nature wants ideas to be free. By nature, ideas can't be property. The government doesn't have ground to make laws about them. The laws that are made aren’t all that successful. These ideas appeal to the reader because people in general dont like the government having control over something as personal as their thoughts. Anothr is www.law.upenn.edu, thisw author states " this is detrimental to the continued flourishing of public domain.." Also it is stated that inventions cannot be a subject of property. This appeals to the reader because if inventions were property then the public would never benefit from them. I find the chapter more persuasive partly because some of the information from the web did not sound as if it could be verified. Also the latter website mentioned was very hard to understand. The chapter was more persuasive because it portrayed the side of musicians. Sampleing sounds a lot like stealing to me if it's without permission.

I am choosing "Should students have to take classes outside thier major?". I am writing on this topic because I feel I will be more knowledgable on the subject. I also strongly believe in a well rounded education without wasting time.

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