Friday, January 16, 2004

My Favorite Book
My favorite books are the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling . They are my favorite for many reasons. I like a book with a mystery to solve. A book must be written so I can visualize it in my head like a movie and Rowling does a very good job. This book is also a favorite of mine because it involves magic.
Each novel is a story within a story. The books will always begin at the time Harry should be going back to school. The novels progress into a mystery which Harry must solve. My favorite part is that each time I think I know who the bad guy is I get a surprise because it's never who it seems to be.
Rowling has an excellent writing style. I read the novel page by page yet it is like minute by minute of a movie. I like this writing style because it causes me to want to continue reading without ever putting the book down.
I am very interested in beliefs in magic. These novels were so interesting because they involved fiction and some facts. It was exciting to read on and see the history come through the story.
The Harry Potter series is by far my favorite because it includes many of my interests. It encourages me to read more when I see an author including mystery, magic, and good writing style.
I am Emily.

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